An underwater photo shoot might seem like a daunting idea to some, I hear the same reoccurring questions of doubt.

How long will I be able to stay underwater?

Will I be able to pose underwater?

How can I relax underwater?

How should I move my body underwater?

This was also the concerns of my latest client, Marília. She had never modelled underwater before and did not think she could hold her breath long enough to do so.

So, we started with a couple of test shots, messing around, splashing and being playful, it did not matter. The most important thing was to make her feel relaxed and confident in the water and with me. But, we actually got some really nice shots from this warm-up, with her surrounded by bubbles and falling through the water.

A woman's body surrounded by water bubbles
A woman in a red dress underwater
A woman falling through water with her hand in the air

After this warm-up we moved onto some breathing exercises to help her feel relaxed and confident to stay underwater for longer; by giving ourselves time to relax the body, calm the mind and prepare the lungs to hold the breath for longer. These are the same techniques and methods which I learnt when I was learning how to free dive. 

A silhouette of a woman underwater wearing a floating white skirt
A woman smiling underwater wearing a white dress
A woman lying in the pool wearing a skirt
A woman falling through water and her white dress straps floating
A woman smiling underwater and holding her white floating skirt

The shoot developed beautifully and organically as we used different areas of the pool depending on the changing light situation. Trying to catch the piercing sunbeams through the water whenever I could.  

We both really loved the results, I hope you do too!

A woman falling through water with sun beams on her body
A woman smiling underwater in a white skirt
A woman underwater dancing like a ballerina
A woman smiling underwater wearing a white skirt and pink bikini top
A woman's reflection in a pink bikini through water