A Few Thousand Flowers Later

Nadine came to me wanting to create a photo shoot which broke the norms and bordered on the edge of fantasy. We had to work with our surroundings which were an outside pool and natural sunlight.

Quite often outside pools have murkier waters so I wanted to introduce an element to the shoot that helped make it pop and bump up the contrast. So, we filled the pool with a few thousand fresh flowers and went to work on playing with the floating fauna and the cascading petals.

A girl swims under a sea of red flowers
blonde girl reaching for flowers underwater
romantic moment of a couple surrounded by floating flowers

She also wanted a few pictures with her fiancé Chris and towards the end, we had Chris join us in the pool. They had a lot of fun with the flowers and it helped make them both feel more relaxed in front of the camera, having these props to play with.

Love was blossoming and it was beautiful.

I saw a moment that reminded me of a famous mural from the Vatican's Sistine Chapel, can you recognise it in the photo below?

underwater remake of the sistine chapel painting with flowers

Nothing was planned, I prefer to take inspiration from the present moment.

I wanted to wait and see what happened with the changing light and how the flowers moved organically around the pool.

I think it is important not to plan too far ahead on shoots because otherwise you become bound to the constraints of the plan.

I like to have a bit more creative freedom to see what feels good. This way I believe, the results are far more varied, from a single shoot.

girl hugs herself underwater surrounded by flowers
girl sits beneath a sea of floating petals underwater
girl holding an orange flower underneath a sea of flowers
A girl kneeling underwater surrounded by flowers
An underwater reflection of flowers on a girls body

I really enjoyed finding the different shapes and shadows that the combination of sunlight and flowers created. There is so much beauty all around us!

Petals floating in front of a girls face underwater
A girl lies in a body of floating flowers
A couple kiss in a pool of flowers
A girl reaching for a flower underwater
A girl falls through water and flowers

If you are interested in creating your own underwater photo shoot then please drop me a line and find out more about what we can create together

A couple in a pool of flowers
Floating flowers from underneath
A man kissing a woman's neck in a pool of floating flowers