Engagement Photography in Dorset & England

A man gives his woman a rose to symbolise their engagement in the historical streets of Barcelona
A man proposes which is seen through the window of a passing taxi
A recently engaged couple dance under the pillars of Parc Guell in Barcelona
A couple cuddle after their recent engagement on the balcony
A couple rejoice after their engagement under the bridge
A man embraces his partner on the steps of Parc Cuitadella after their engagement
Couple dance romantically outside of the cathedral making a beautiful shadow
A man kisses his future wife after their engagement in Parc Guell
A couple run up the steps of Parc Guell during their engagement photo shoot
An engagement ring sits inside a red Hibiscus flower
A couple gaze affectionately at each other in Parc Cuitadella after their engagement
A man caresses his fiancé after their engagement in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona
A couple hold each other on a bandstand in Barcelona after their engagement

An engagement should be remembered, it is the first moment that you both agreed to embark on this journey together

I offer engagement shoots which aren't structured on stereotypes, but rather a casual and honest reflection of your individual story

Honest laughs, real love and genuine affection

Working with local romantics throughout Dorset, whilst open to consider love stories throughout England